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The International Cosmic Day will take place for the seventh time on November 29, Teachers and scientists at more than 60 schools, universities and research institutions in over 15 countries will guide young people from all over the world through experiments on the cosmic particles that fly through us unnoticed all the time. This year, for the first time, it will be possible to participate without having to take your own measurements.

The web portal Cosmic Web, specially developed by DESY for student projects, provides data from long-term experiments that can be evaluated.

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This detector is one of the long-term experiments whose data feed the web portal Cosmic Web. The research field of astroparticle physics has developed rapidly in recent years. All known cosmic messengers, from cosmic rays to gamma rays, neutrinos, and gravitational waves, have only just begun to be measured.


Huge observatories are being built to detect the smallest particles that flow through the cosmos. These cosmic particles provide the necessary information to gain insight into the most energetic processes in our universe. When particles from the cosmos hit the Earth's atmosphere, they create a shower of thousands of new particles.

Many of the new particles decay after a short time.

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Not so the muons. They can reach the ground to be detected and tell us more about the universe.

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  8. On International Cosmic Day, we will measure the directions of muons from cosmic rays. Do we get the same number of muons from all directions, or is there a preferred direction?

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