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Send me a picture of you sitting at the computer looking at my web page or our emails. Hand write a letter. I have lived in a hotel while deployed, even had a rental car. I wore civilian clothes. I had drama happen at home which I could not help. While deployed my marriage died, my mother died, and my dog died. But I can verify all of that with my social networking accounts or other info. Do not continue the chat if he cannot send you an email from a. If he says he is locked out or needs a new password then say fine, see you in 24 hours. Ask for MOS and other standard details.

Review his social networking page.

Google the name that he gives you. Ask questions about him, give details about you. Avoid talk of money. Get a photo of him holding a paper with your name on it or with him and your webpage. Exchange snail mail addresses. You can figure this part out.

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But by now you have found that you have a real soldier. This was written by an Army soldier, things may differ slightly for other branches. Scammers who read this will start working on ways around it, but it will be a long time until they manage to beat many of these simple rules. Started in , Military Singles Connection is the premier destination for dating for the thousands of men and women who serve or have served in the armed forces.

Military Singles Connection provides online personals services, including online profiles and photographs of single men and women, chat rooms and an instant messenger — to enable others to communicate in real time, a private mailbox to enable others to exchange personal messages, a public forum to enable others to exchange messages and information… and more! Join Military Singles Connection today!

His name he said was Master Sergeant Gibson bailey shepherd and he said his two boys are in Boarding School.

What REAL Soldiers DO Like in a Relationship —

Notice three last names? These thieves do not know how our names sound or work so this is typical of their fake accounts. I know a ARMY nurse guy 25 y. He rarely online, he said the price of internet data is expensive. He just does part time job.

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But he always replied me one liner with emoji. I created fake profile but he never responded. So he just rarely online and replied my messages, really.. Is working in nurse army have no time for phone? He replied 24 h or more He has no sense of humour, only replied serious question and ignore jokes. He should say he is a 68C, Practical Nursing Specialist. Or whatever job he really has.

He sounds rather boring! Hello at the moment i am talking to this guy that is saying he is a soldier right now in Syria but what i have read here is making it very clear that he is a fake. He wants me to send money by western union so that he can come here to be with me. I am not buying into his scam. He will not answer any of the question you have placed on here to be answered to see i they are real or not.

So buy that he is a fake trying to make it seem he is real. I plan on no longer continuing the conversation with him. Do real soldiers send money to a person to be sent back so they have money in their wallet to show customs?

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I have another one that says he is a soldier I hope he maybe a real one. I promise you anyone wanting money is fake.

Phones are not allowed that why he can only send me email whenever he can use computer. And from thursday till sunday he can send me long emails long because he only send 1 email per day. He always sends me his pics on his uniform with his last name on the right side of his uniform whenever he send me an email.

Its very frustrating because I cant locate any informations about him. Can you help me with this one? As of today he wasnt able to message me for 4 days and I just received an email from him. You say you cannot use social media, however he is using tinder? That is very very questionable. If anything it would be the other way around.

Does he have any pictures not in uniform? How about asking him to take a picture holding up a sign with your name on it? Or just a piece of paper with the smiley face on it. Also what is his name? If his last name can be a first name that is also something else to watch for.

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You said he was navy? That he was staff? Seems to be a little bit more information. How about posting his name and other information here and maybe other women can see if they recognize him as well? I meant you say he cannot use social media not you. He uses tinder but cannot use anything else. Hey Rob thank you for your response, can I personally sent you his name and photos.

If its fine with you. Met a guy on Facebook.. He never asked for money…loves writing alot..