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What a bummer. What are your stories? Reply With Quote. I just downloaded Grindr today and I was just sharing two funny stories. First, a guy contacts me offering me sixty dollars to let him suck my dick. And then, just a minute ago, a 19 year old asked me if I wanted to hook up. To which I replied, "At your age, you should know how to spell grateful". Then he told me I was an ugly old man. I can see this is going to be worthwhile.

Manhunt: Browse 6 Million+ Pics and Profiles to Find the Right Guy on the Original Gay Hookup Site

Oh lord, there are many stories There were many hilarious comments. Ahhh, Grindr. Attached Images PNG Sounds sexy. This sounds terrible but I use Grindr and such for the attention only. I will trade pics and chat and that's it. I don't use them to actually hookup with guys, though. ETA: But, I'm not a tease about it. I chat a bit on Grindr but I don't show pictures. I figure it goes with the territory -- I don't pretend that Grindr is anything but a hook-up app.

I've told a lot of people right up front that I'm only interested in chatting but some get pushy anyway. I guess people don't have patience for anything that doesn't involve getting laid. What a nice man! Come to think of it, most people I know who use grindr just use it to alleviate boredom, rather than as an actual means to pursue hookups.

I'm more of a Peggle man, myself, but I can see the appeal. Attention is fun! I think grindr would be a lot less busy if it only had users who were super srs about sex. I looked on their website not long ago and it has a "testimonials" section with quotes about how people have found their true loves on grindr and isn't it awesome.

Grindr and Scruff may have most of the name recognition today, but Online Buddies got there first with a dirty, dirty phone line that eventually evolved into an app. People would call in to numbers like TOOL and PIGG where, for about 10 cents a minute, they would find maybe 20 others on the line talking or just breathing. A few years later, Manhunt developed a website.

Video Chat, Explicit Photos, and More Set the Site Apart

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Sign up for the newsletter Recode Daily Email required. Looks like every other ad on Oxford St. I think the purpose of the ad besides its obvious intention to create exposure and attract more users in a competitive mobile space, is to also create a talking point, generate more awareness of what is real and everyday for a specific section of the community.

'Ex-gay' therapist allegedly found soliciting 'hookups' on gay dating apps

Its talking to many of those who live and breathe this type of lifestyle. Much of advertising in general is deployed around association with difference, impact, shock and buzz, there is no difference here. The target audience may be better equipped to answer its effectiveness…. This is really the same as using bikini clad women to sell product to straight men — got my attention but very samey in the gay space. Get over it.

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If it was 2 girls kissing Im sure there would be no complaints but plenty of whistling! Sex has been used since Jesus was in the temple to sex stuff — Grow up and allow people to be people. This service is obviously supposed to compete with Grindr, of which Sydney has the 2nd highest number of active users per head of population in the world.