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In , the subsidiary Studio J was formed, debuting its first artist G soul on January 9. JYP and Jax Coco planned to launch coconut oil, coconut flakes and other related products at major department stores and supermarkets in South Korea.


In the first half of , JYP Entertainment became the second largest entertainment company in South Korea when their total market capitalization, largely due to the success of Twice , surpassed YG Entertainment. In January , the seven talent agencies behind KMP Holdings formed a collective bond partnership and bought On January 31, , Iriver announced its entry into the Korean music industry. Together with parent company SK Telecom and music labels S. Park in February with the goal of advancing and globalizing music publishing industry. JYP Publishing is one of the best music publishing companies with expertise in both domestic and overseas business which discovers new lyricists and songwriters, pitches and promotes demos, creates licensing opportunities, and nurtures next-generation producers.

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Putting the best effort to discover trend-leading music and songwriters, and creating opportunities through new collaborations between songwriters, JYP Publishing holds a prominent position as the industry leader. Studio J is an in-house label created by J.

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Y Park in January The sub-label creates music which rather than appealing to the mainstream, showcases free and deep artists. After a while, G. Soul was revealed to be the first artist in Studio J's roster. JYP Foods Inc was founded in It has two branches. The main branch is located nearby JYP Entertainment office building, and another branch is located in Gyeongridan area, Itaewon. The name of the show was "Guaishushu is coming" and the concept was to travel across different cities and mix visits to the cities, with large-scale auditions and then a big final round to select the members whom will be trained in Korea.

Currently it is working in order to effectively promote its Chinese artist more despite the ban placed on Korean Entertainment and to effectively promote a new Chinese boy group, Boy Story in China. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Music label in South Korea. Studio J Further information: K Junho Wooyoung Singer - songwriter Jun.

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Noel Park Ji-yoon — g. Retrieved 22 November The Chosun Ilbo in Korean. Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved October 22, Retrieved August 14, Retrieved June 5, Archived from the original on 5 February Archived from the original on Globalization and Popular Music in South Korea: Tune Entertainment - Soompi".

Seven companies join forces to launch KMP holdings". Retrieved August 10, The way I see it, as long as you're smart and don't let it get in the way of your training and career, and you're smart enough to not get caught, you can do what you want. I mean, if Khun and Tiffany had been dating for four years, as people were saying, he was dating her before the three year post-debut time frame.

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I don't mind JackJi as a 'couple'. That said, I want them to focus on establishing themselves in the industry. Then, if they want to date later on in life, cool. What do you mean by your last sentence about JYP Nation? Be smart and don't get caught.

I'll snag Jinyoung when he comes to Dallas. I feel like the dating ban was placed in the company again over how young GOT7 and the groups to debut are, because miss A themselves said during their debut days that they didn't have a dating ban. If they have sex ed classes for their artists, I'm sure the ban doesn't mean much. I'm sure the conversation goes down like this: Here, take some condoms!

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I'm sure you'll make a lovely couple. You go for it! Lim looks beyond adorable in that picture and it makes me love fei even more for making lim look so comfortable on camera which is rare. He's so fly for a 4 year old. No dating ban will ever hold Song Manse back from his noonas. I've always known them as JackJi.

I was totally on board that ship on Soompi until literally every other post was them dating being shoved down my throat. For me, it's one thing to ship people on WGM since 'romance' is the point of the show.

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But with Roommate, it was more becoming a family. I think they're cute together and would make a nice couple, but I want them focusing on their careers at this point since they're still so green. The ban isn't THAT bad. And I can understand. And fortunately JYPE aren't too bad in terms of their artists' treatment.