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It does say a lot about who you are. People look more confident and more put together in clothes that fit them. Why do you think the fit and appearance of clothing is so impactful?

What To Wear On A First Date - AskMen

Personal style is branding: And this is a little obvious, but the other thing clothing really affects is how you present yourself and how you feel. Something that often comes up is high heels. Women either totally love heels and may never be seen without them, or they hate them and never wear them.

Any other words of wisdom when choosing an outfit? Try to dress to match the occasion: And what are some things ladies generally like? You can add a classic nude or black heel to dress up your look—a nice mix of dressy meets relaxed.

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Not too much, but not too little. You want to enhance your features, not overwhelm them. With Love From Kat.

Going On A First Date? Here's What To Wear To Really Impress

You can remove the jacket when you leave the office! Loosen up your work clothes a bit. Work attire is totally fine. A classic, fitted blazer is perfect for the occasion when worn the right way!


Be confident and be yourself. That is, if you want one! You really want to represent yourself in a true, real way. Wear something that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Because when you do that, you will have more confidence.

What to Wear on a First Date? We Asked the Experts!

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