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Curious about the history of online dating?? Check out this piece by one of our summer panelists, Dr.

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Marie Hicks, on the first-ever dating app, invented by a working class woman in East London decades earlier than you might have thought possible! We have an exciting extracurricular event coming up this week!

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Our panel, The New Normal: How to Ethically Design Access to Technology, is up at 2pm. More info and registration here: Since at least the s, the advent of online dating platforms has triggered a sea change in how people find love and sex. But has this fundamentally changed the nature of human relationships? If so, has it been for better or for worse? What new opportunities for love and connection have online tools for dating and meeting other people opened up? And how have these changes affected gay, lesbian, trans, and queer folks in particular?

Why does Disney hide its gay characters? Feb 02, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Feb 01, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline?

An axe to Grindr? Stories from the dating frontline – Channel 4 News

Our Fave London Music Videos! Jan 23, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline?

Dec 18, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? The Baddest Bitches of ! Dec 06, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Pull on some lederhosen and get yerself to Germany! Nov 21, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Nov 07, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Bousfield believes it is more effective to consider the uniting characteristics of income and lifestyle before sexual orientation: Whether they are gay or straight is secondary to that.

These brands may well book into the gay media, but the campaign encompasses plenty of mainstream media too. Unsurprisingly, publishers in the gay media sector believe their brands offer the best way to target a community that identifies itself clearly as a group. She quotes research carried out for the group in January that showed a low cross-over between readership of MPG titles and the mainstream press.

And she disputes the idea that the gay media only cater for the most metropolitan, social gay people, pointing to the coverage of community and regional events in the Pink Paper. Gay parents are a growing group worth the attention of marketers, Watson adds, as are gay professional groups. Diva has been carrying increasing numbers of ads for adoption agencies, although none of the large nappy brands has yet booked space. The Gaydar owner QSoft is ready to acknowledge that not every gay person will appreciate the idea of cruising its websites for dates.

In conjunction with Channel 4 and the media agency OMD Insight, it commissioned research in to discover more about the community's media habits.

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  • ‘Grindr is more about yourself than anything’.
  • Some of the findings serve to underline some stereotypes and explain the interest of certain sectors' marketers in the gay press - gay men were twice as likely to use moisturisers and face cleansers than straight men, for example. The community's reputation as early adopters was confirmed, with data showing a far higher proportion of gay than straight people owning webcams, MP3 players, plasma-screen TVs and home-cinema systems.

    Gay men were more likely to confess to spending in a more impulsive fashion than straight men. But the research also unearthed three distinct groups of gay people. Matthew Todd, the editor of Attitude, believes that some of his rival titles have effectively become a "gay ghetto", either showing highly sexualised imagery or tak-ing an overtly political tone. Attitude, Todd says, tries to offer something different: Our magazine is about showing how gay people are just part of society.

    We'd cover issues about Section 28, for example, but not in an angry, campaigning way.

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    We like to poke fun out of ourselves and keep a lighter tone. Attitude has been the gay title that has earned the most publicity outside of its sector, having featured interviews with Tony Blair, David Beckham and Madonna, among other big names. It has also been successful in attracting major advertisers.

    The gay media certainly performs a function for its advertisers, but some argue that the most effective targeting solution can be a well-thought-out combination of gay and mainstream media. The outdoor specialist Clear Channel has created what it claims is a first in its media sector - a package of sites that can be used to target gay people. The Pink Pound Pack includes six-sheet panels within metres of gay bars and clubs across the country.

    There are also eight of the larger Mega 6 sites along major roads leading to these areas. Clear Channel offers posters along the route of the 26 annual Pride events nationwide too. Many marketers remain nervous that aligning a brand with the gay market in mainstream media will offend their heterosexual consumers, a point underlined by the actions of Heinz in June.

    The company withdrew an ad showing two men kissing after people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

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    An axe to Grindr? Stories from the dating frontline

    A Heinz spokesman said at the time that the decision to stop screening the ad was taken because the company was "listening to customer feedback". The fact that the ASA subsequently ruled that the ad wasn't sufficiently offensive to the general public to justify banning it didn't change Heinz's policy. It's an attitude that is only too familiar to Watson: