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Dont need other functions to work when using the winch so like you say can hook in anywhere. My preference would be to tie in before the 3rd function control valve which is located close to the pump on the right side of the tractor. So teeing in supply and return from that point to the new spool valve should do it.

Hydraulic winch hook up. Originally Posted by m Visit our YouTube Channel. Hydraulic winch hook up The comment about full flow through the new spool valve is appropriate for sure so I will check on that.

Also installation in series with the 3rd function valve is noted so the return line stays as is through the 3rd function valve and the new spool valve installed in line between pump and 3rd function valve. The 3rd function valve also has a lockout button that disables the valve. Need to investigate how that works and if it will interfere with the current plan.

Need help Installing a Hydraulic Winch on my FJ-40.

It may just be a lock in place type of system with the return still being through the open center of the 3rd function valve. Hydraulic winch hook up What does this winch look like? I'm just curious in case I want to put one on later. What are you going to use it for? Hydraulic winch hook up Chuck, it is the Milemarker lbs Hydraulic winch.

Look up their website to see it or go to winchesplus website which is where I will buy it from. It is a very economical choice at dollars I think plus may be for the spool valve. The winch is limited to psi max so the spool valve will protect it from the psi or so on the M system.

I will use it for general use such as pulling cars, tree trunks or just have fun with it. Chuck, it is the Milemarker lbs Hydraulic winch.

Tulsa Hydraulic Winch- Adding Wireless Remote Control!

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I'm honestly just guessing here, but any insight or advice would be awesome! Also I'd like to run hydroboost someday will mean completely changing how I run every thing in the future or just adding another thing in the sys? I have a Milemarker 12,lb hyd. Custom built to my specs!: A winch does not run off of the power steering pump it has an electric motor or PTO drive depending on the pump.

The PTO runs off of the transmission. The electric pump runs off of an electric motor connected to a heavily modified electrical system.

PUlling with Hydraulic Winch - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums

I didn't build it for anyone else. If you can't improve it why waste your time? For future hydroboost upgrade I have seen a dual pump setup, I think Bulltear makes it. So I believe that a power-steering pump will be just fine.

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  • I emailed mile marker about how to go about rewiring it for 12v from 24v. They didn't mention anything about a motor or rewiring a motor. Again a power steering pump will not run a winch. I was hoping to find a simple "hydraulic diagram" or that some one might have one, But I guess not.

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    I just know for a fact that they run off the powersteering sys. I just don't know how to route the hoses. I bet if you gave MM a call and walked them through what you are planning they could be a big help with the info you need, part numbers, etc. Actually really cool rather than my old school electric.

    I wouldn't want to run it off my steering system but now I see the need for the second pump.