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What were you thinking? You walked into the kitchen still dressed in your night wear- shorts and a tank top. Sherlock was in the kitchen too, working on one of his experiments. He was wearing a purple shirt- the purple shirt. You blushed a little when you saw him- the shirt made him look a million times sexier and always sent your mind into the gutter. There were fingers in the fridge but no milk. You sighed and turned around. His beautiful eyes were gazing into yours.

You moved over to the counter, fishing around for any edible item, trying to hide your blush. You tucked a lose stand of hair behind your ear, as you looked into the cupboard under the sink. You froze at his words. Was he flirting with you? Sherlock, obviously, figured that his words were having the intended affect. He smirked a little and continued-. If this was some sort of a joke, you were going to kill him. Right in front of her, there were muscles upon muscles, moving and flexing and causing her to drool. Darcy stood stock still, gaping.


She was hot all over, her mind dazed with lustful appreciation. As he leaned down, his pants stretched, taut. Stark needed to take some measurements for my uniform. I thought he had locked the door. The contact was electric for them both.

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Tony shook his head. Finally, nervous, he knocked on a door. Her little black dress, one that Natasha had helped her pick for the blind date, fit like a glove. She swallowed hard when she saw him at the door, but lifted her chin and swore to be brave in the face of all the handsome hotness that was her blind date. Later she might make pterodactyl screeching noises at Natasha for doing this, but for now she would fight for dignity. Darcy chuckled with relief. How about unyielding ass?

You gonna blow that eval from Stark out of the water, too? You look stunni… Gor… I mean… Good evening Darcy. I swallowed my tongue when I walked into you earlier, after all. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable. And, you look nice with clothes on, too. Words are having a bad day. Steve rubbed one hand on the back of his neck. I… like I said, I thought Tony locked the door. Thank you for agreeing to go on a blind date with me.

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He nodded, eyes bright. There was nothing awkward in the kiss. They came together easily, lips fitting as though they were made for each other. Blind Ignis may have a sad story, but he makes me smile to the point of blushing.

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I really enjoyed thinking about this. You help anyways because stubborn Ignis is stubborn. He finds the sound of your voice soothing. You sometimes sit in the kitchen just to watch him go. Ohhh the sass is still strong. One of the things that made you fall head over heels for him.

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Stubborn Iggy strikes again. Ignis worried that his impairment would slow him down or leave things unenjoyable for you but it was the complete opposite. Your image was etched into his memory before he lost his vision, and with his hearing and sense of touch heightened, the pleasure seemed to double.

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His excuse to hold your hand all the time. He adores your touch. Buttoning his shirts, adjusting his collar, and even helping him spike his hair! This was requested by tokentransboy: Could you write a Crowley fanfic where he goes on a blind date with the reader to kill her but ends up really liking her?

I hope you guys enjoy! Crowley looked himself up and down in the full length mirror. He was wearing his best suit. This instance was different; he was out to kill. After having demons watch you all week, he found out your favorite foods and your favorite places to eat. When you got the invitation for the blind date and accepted almost immediately, the plan was set into action. I hope you all enjoy it. Jethro Gibbs x Reader. You are sitting outdoors when your date comes by and sits down. He introduces himself as Chris, holds your hand briefly and smiles. I had just finished my shower when my phone began to buzz.

It was Shannon, and I knew what he was calling for. He was sweet and a wonderful guy but, I was afraid to make a commitment to someone who was battling the demons of addiction. I would always be there for him. But I wanted him to be happy AND healthy. Um, I was actually wondering if I could stop by and see you for a little bit. He had just gone through some difficult, life changing things. My date would wait. After slipping in to a pair of comfortable cotton shorts and tank top, I sat on my couch and waited.

I opened the door to find a smiling, healthy, freshly shaven Shannon. We sat on the couch and he began to tell me about his journey.