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Cannot Tell a Joke: Carla also has an episode where her inability to tell jokes that are funny is one of the central focuses. Elliot also fails to tell a series of ancient jokes, which everyone knows. After every setup she creates, everyone in the coffee shop responds with the appropriate punchline. If people keep pushing me for no reason, I swear I will hurl myself off this building! They never say ribs. Cox, looking at an x-ray: Either this kid has a light bulb up his butt, or his colon has a great idea.

Doctor, I'm getting a little tired of the constant innuendo. If I go out with him and I feel nothing, you know how confident I'll feel about Turk?

Cut off all ties with Rosanna. Baby, that took like twenty seconds. How'd you do that so quickly? I just told her I was married. You've been talking to this girl you used to sleep with, and you never told her you were married? It's no big deal. Because, if you're lucky, maybe you won't be married for much longer.

This show provides examples of:

The first few episodes in particular sometimes had an almost documentary-like look to them, with seemingly dozens of extras and little background events going on. Later in the first season they toned down how busy the hospital looked likely to save money and make filming simpler. Additionally, the show was a lot more low-key in humor with less surreal imagine spots, making it feel slightly more dramatic in tone. The season 1 Documentary Episode included Dr. Kelso recounting a story about his treatment of his wife that is genuinely cruel.

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Later appearances tossed that aside and revealed his Hidden Heart of Gold. Ted Embarrassing First Name: Please- I'm Christopher Duncan Turk. That's not true- you really need to stop telling people that. Those gyno girls are really putting the pressure on. Who wants to look at a hundred women's bajingos today? I mean, I can't even look at my own bajingo.

Oh, I'm just doing this thing where I use a slice of wisdom from someone else's life to solve a problem in my own life. The Janitor and Ted see Jimmy the Orderly massaging Todd with his elbows while they both keep their hands on their ears so as not to hear Janitor and Ted talk. You know, sometimes you think "I'm kind of a strange dude" Stop looking for trouble just because you like this patient , and face the facts! Either your instincts are right, or your brain is trying to protect you from the truth. Well, that depends, young man. Do you actually think I made a mistake, or do you just wish I did?

I kinda wish you did. Aw- tired Why are you here? Listen, why don't you just let me take this little mental breakdown of yours. You have to forgive yourself for everything that went down the other day. So, now, Davey-boy, I promise you, we're going to find you a kidney. I would literally swear on my father's grave, but whenever I go there, I usually just end up dancing on it. And so begins another round of "who had the worst dad. We've been over this before. You win on account of your father's not dead yet. Since the car is in your mother's name, I want you to know that I couldn't leave the family forever if not for your bike.

This has even been lampshaded:.

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I Call It "Vera": One gag involved a security guard with a tranquiliser rifle he called 'Megan Fox'. Bob Kelso flashes back to when his father ran out on his family, and he was played by Ken Jenkins as well. All the episodes in season 9 are called "Our [Something]". Not even JD is dumb enough to give the responsibility of telling a wife that she should let her husband die to the one woman who has proven time and time again that she's so emotionally dead that Jordan looks happy by comparison. It's arguable that the only reason he did it was to tie up the symmetrical intern-protege story arc at the end of "My ABC's".

Except somebody has to be the first person she tells they or their loved one is going to die and JD does push her to be somewhat more sympathetic I Feel Guilty; You Take It: Kelso, because He's a guy, and Bonnie isn't. So, feeling guilty, Turk gives the prize to Bonnie, and she turns him down, refusing his "charity", Since he isn't the rightful winner, he doesn't want to keep it so he gives it to Todd in the end. Todd was actually a higher ranked surgical intern than Turk anyway. If I Were a Rich Man: I Know Mortal Kombat: Turk credits his improvements in surgery to having trained his fingers by playing Madden on the Xbox.

Startling as it may seem, this is Truth in Television. High-speed and reaction time based video games have been proven to dramatically improve surgical performance. And who's to say that my fantasies can't come true, just this once?

Advice for male nursing students FROM male nurses

Listen, crash in my garage. I guarantee you there will not be another person in there.

You're gonna slather jam on my face and sic a family of raccoons on me, aren't you? You can either use her relationship with us doctors to start a dialogue and make things better, or ignore me, stay pissed and hold me down in the parking lot tonight while Barb stomps on my face. And there it is But methinks that there's a sad little cartoon boy living inside the hairy beast, and he's sad because at the end of the day he realizes that the only thing people about is what an evil sonofabitch he really is.

I think you put it there yourself to get attention. He just fell from the ceiling Ok, I might have said she smelled like "Wet ass" In the episode "My Unicorn", a patient's son attacks J. After dodging it, the tiny plane crashes in an enormous fireball. What an odd-sized explosion Anyway, I know what you're thinking Your butt looks like two Pringles hugging.

Why would I be talking to Kelso if I was pregnant? Ah, it's his baby. That was ONE dream! And it doesn't count because he was half dolphin. Listen up, faces, to save time I'm going to call all the men "Dave" and all the women "Debbie". Well, then, to be fair, I'll call you "Slagathor".

But that doesn't explain why these fish are taped to my hands! This is a nice job, but I'm not too crazy about my peers! Where the hell have you been for the last few days? Went with my buddies.

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You don't have any buddies? Well, we landed a lb white marlin off the coast of San Diego. Maybe it hopped a train from Cape Cod! I'm bustin' chops today. Below are some points of enlightenment from one of my Twitter buddies, Ryan Mitchell rymitch I added my own points of enlightenment after his which are basically just me agreeing with him. Be the trusted listener. Being the trusted listener is the BEST place to be.

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Eventually, people will notice that you are generally prepared for anything you face. Patients who initially feel hesitant with a male RN will relax when you demonstrate confident professionalism! Refer to the patient by their name. I am not a child; do not speak to me like that. Works for guys like me who may not always feel comfortable with the touchy side of nursing.

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